Injured by Drunk Driver

– Background

Unfortunately, thousands of people are killed every year as a result of a drunk driver. In Texas, a person with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of over .08 qualifies as a drunk driver. Getting behind the wheel in this condition risks the safety and lives of anyone else on the road. The destruction that is caused by a drunk driving accident extends past the vehicle itself. Drunk driving injuries affect the person’s work, health, and family and sometimes result in the death of the individual. And in many cases for the drunk driver, the conviction is unfortunately  not their first.

First Steps

Information is vital in the investigation process. As a client of the Law Office of Ira Z. Miller, we will research, investigate and gather the history and all available information about the driver and their background in order to provide our client’s best results. Due to the litigation complexity of personal injury drunk driving cases, it is essential that the collection of accurate information relevant to the case be done immediately. In addition, immediate actions help to determine truth from falsehood in witness statements and further file an appropriate claim and charges against the offending drunk driver.

Next Steps

Contact Ira Z. Miller quickly after a possible drunk-driving accident claim to determine the scope of damages and secure the best possible benefits and justice in your particular case.

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