Father’s Day Weekend Visitation in Texas 

As we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, I know some people may have questions about their visitation this weekend.  Therefore, I wanted to write a quick blog about Father’s Day visitation under the Texas Family Code and then give a few great ideas on...

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How to Enforce a Child Visitation Order in Texas

When you walked out of the court room, order in hand, things stated out smoothy between the two of you. Everyone was following the court’s order and working together in raising the children. Then things began to change. It started off slowly at first with the other...

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Challenging Your License Suspension After a DWI Arrest

Arrest Forms The Department of Public Safety will seek the suspension of your license following anarrest for Driving While Intoxicated. When someone is arrested for DWI, the arresting officer should read and issue a DIC-24 (Statutory Warning) form and a DIC-25 (Notice...

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Division of Property and Debt in a Divorce

I understand going through a divorce is emotionally and financially stressful. You and your spouse have spent years building a life together. During the time you have acquired property and debt. Now it has to be divided. The purpose of this article is to provide you...

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What to Expect in Court?

I understand going to court can be intimidating, a little nerve-racking, and probably not how you want to be spending your time. However, court appearances are important and necessary to achieve your goals for the case. I am providing you with the following tips to...

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Stages of a DWI Case

Stages of a DWI Arrest Case One of the biggest questions I receive from my clients is how can I expect my case to proceed now that I have been arrested for DWI. I understand no one wants to spend their time going through a criminal case and meeting with attorneys....

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