Father’s Day Weekend Visitation in Texas 

Date Published 6 · 14 · 24

As we get ready to celebrate Father’s Day weekend, I know some people may have questions about their visitation this weekend.  Therefore, I wanted to write a quick blog about Father’s Day visitation under the Texas Family Code and then give a few great ideas on how you can spend Father’s Day weekend with your kids in Corpus Christi, TX. 

Father’s Day Visitation Under the Texas Family Code 

If you have a court order, you should always review the order for the correct times of your visitation.  The order may provide different visitation then the visitation schedule in the Family Code.  If there is a difference between the visitation in the order and the visitation in the Family Code, the visitation schedule in the order prevails over the visitation schedule in the Family Code.  Therefore, you should always refer to your order for the correct date and times of your visitation. 

In a standard visitation schedule, the father of the child shall have possession of the child beginning at 6:00 PM on the Friday before Father’s Day and ending at 6:00 PM on Father’s Day.  If the father is not otherwise entitled to the child over the weekend, then the father is required to pick up the child from the residence of the other parent or guardian and return the child to the residence of the other parent or guardian.   

Things to do over Father’s Day weekend in Corpus Christi 

Now that we have discussed Father’s Day weekend visitation, here are some great ideas to do with the kids over the weekend in Corpus Christi.  Father’s Day provides is a time to celebrate the love and effort fathers put into raising their children and provides fathers with a great opportunity to spend quality time with the kids away from all the distractions.  Here is a list of some great ideas to do over Father’s Day weekend in Corpus Christi: 

  1. South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center – according to KRIS 6 News, the South Texas Botanical Gardens and Nature Center is offering free admission to dads on June 15th and June 16th so long as they say “Lizards and Snakes” at check in. 
  1. Fishing – The fishing in Corpus Christi is amazing.  After all, it is one of the reasons I moved here from Ft. Worth.  I have found fishing provides a great opportunity to get out side and spend some time really talking to your kids.   
  1. Hurricane Alley Waterpark – What a great way to spend the day with the kids – splashing around in the wave pool, the excitement of a water slide or just relaxing in the sun.  
  1. Texas State Aquarium – One of the many treasures of Corpus Christi is the Texas State Aquarium.   The aquarium provides a great opportunity to get up close and personal with sea life. 
  1. USS Lexington Museum – For the father or kids who are into history, flying and boats.  What a great way to spend the day, but exploring the USS Lexington. 
  1. Barbecue – I have found firing up the grill provides an excellent opportunity to talk to my kids while the food cooks.   
  1. Going to the beach – We have great beaches in Corpus and they provide an excellent opportunity to spend the day outside by the water, enjoying some quality time with the kids.  The beach provides a great opportunity to fish, to play some volley ball, throw the frisbee, and build sand castles.   

I hope this article has helped answer any questions about Father’s Day visitation that you may have and has provided you with some great ways to celebrate Father’s Day.  If you have questions about a parent-child visitation schedule and would like to discuss the matter with me, please feel free to call my office at 361-882-7788 to schedule your initial strategy session.  I hope everyone has a great Father’s Day. 

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