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Law Office of Ira Z. Miller, P.C. is attentive to the personal needs and services of those individuals seeking counsel in a personal injury case involving an auto accident or an 18-wheel trucking accident. Mr. Miller is experienced in recovering favorable settlements for his clients without the need of filing a lawsuit. However, there are always cases where litigation is necessary to benefit the client. Mr. Miller is experienced in all stages of a personal injury dispute including trial should it be necessary to maintain the rights of his clients.

First Steps

With the Law Office of Ira Z. Miller, you will receive dedicated representation throughout the legal proceedings.


Litigation in car or trucking accident personal injury cases is often about persistence and knowledge when dealing with insurance companies. It is best to enlist the services of a trained and experienced attorney who is familiar with all aspects of a personal injury case.

For example, it’s best to have a legal representative working for your interest in dealing with the following:


Filing of insurance claims, policy review


Dealing with insurance adjusters


Fact-finding surrounding the accident and crash report


Gathering and reviewing the relevant medical treatment and reports


Assessment of damages to the vehicle and persons


Assessing damages due to bodily injury


Vehicle replacement or rental

Next Steps

From your initial consultation, you will find the Law Office of Ira Z. Miller is a trusted source to help communicate the ongoing assessment, investigation, and personal attention your case requires. He works faithfully to represent his client’s interests. The Law Office of Ira Z. Miller has handled numerous personal injury cases with a full range of injuries and has resolved the cases with numerous favorable settlements for its clients.

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